Silvana Homes Design Studio

Dedicated interior architecture for exceptional private residences: Silvana Homes Design Studio serves customers who seek just the right nuances through the most sophisticated ideas and precise technological know-how. In a sustainable manner, naturally.

For private residence owners, we offer

Interior Architecture

We turn ideas into careful choices, creating a unique whole that appreciates the history and future of the residence. Like a living lab, we constantly look for the heart of good living.

Tailored Approach

Stay completely remote if you feel like it. With our partner network, we offer a full-service package for you to step in when the project is finished.

Project Management

Acting as bridge builders, we bring the project stakeholders together to create a seamless customer experience.


Sustainability is more than sweet talk. It’s about materials, spaces that serve their purpose, and long-lifecycle thinking – something we know thoroughly.

Permit Process in Housing Cooperative

Based on long experience in projects of small and large scale, we support you trough our partners in the permit process.


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