We aim to be ecologically, socially and economically responsible and offer sustainable options for our clients.

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Creating spaces for people and taking into consideration their needs and wishes.


We want to cherish the beauty and uniqueness in each space, old and new.


Fair and square communication and transparent workflow.


We are present and involved, doing our best every day.

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Code of Conduct

We believe that every company has the possibility to make sustainable choices, whether they are big or small, whichever field they operate in. And we believe those choices matter.

We founded the company with ideals of sustainability and functionality. Becoming as eco-friendly, user-centric and responsible as we thrive to be is an ongoing and neverending process.

A wellbeing team is a strong base for sustainable design. Our goal is to be an inspiring, responsible, safe and meaningful work environment.

As part of our environmental work, we are surveying our own footprint and finding ways to make less of an impact on the environment. We are currently working towards an EcoCompass certificate which works as a guideline to our everyday functions and design processes and helps us monitor how we’ve succeeded in our sustainability goals. In our own office, we pay attention to our purchases, energy efficiency and waste management. In our work, the greatest effect is in the selection of materials and products, as well as in communication to our peers and partners. We want to lead the way and encourage others to steer their operations in a more sustainable direction as well.

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We are developing a digital materials library and design guideline to help us make better choices by examining the consistency, recyclability, life cycle, ethics and transparency of a certain material or product.

Close-knit and transparent cooperation with the client is an important part of the sustainable process. We want to understand our client’s values and take them into account in each phase of the project.

We want to promote equality by designing physically and socially accessible spaces where everyone can feel welcome.

Sustainable design aims for ecological, energy-efficient, economical, health-promoting, safe, equal, aesthetic and ethical construction.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to make sustainability an easy and obtainable choice for our clients. Together we can be a bigger part of the change.


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