Spatial and Interior Design

We have years of experience in various spatial and interior design projects, scaling from studio apartments to hotels and residential buildings.  Our service range is defined by the client’s needs, and the process follows through every step of the way from first ideas to finishing touches. We emphasise orientation and definition of needs to achieve the best possible outcome.

Property Concept and Brand Design

In addition to spatial design, we can help with concept creation and property branding. The concept, brand and interior speak the same language when they are created in unison.

Turnkey Service for Private Residences

We can offer a turnkey service for our clients’ private residences and holiday homes, including comprehensive design services as well as project and worksite management. Please contact us for more information about our turnkey service.

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Design & Collab­orations


We are inspired by peace and quiet, the Finnish state of mind, and the element of surprise which breaks the harmony and makes it all unique. These combined with functional and need-based design create useful end products, whether it’s a piece of furniture or an everyday item.



We hope to collaborate with different industries and businesses, artists and creators, supporting one another and coming up with new innovations. All we need are shared values and a dream of a sustainable future.

There’s always room for art in the spaces we create. Objects, light, movement, sound or scent are only some of the ways art can be present. We are happy to support art and artists via collaborative projects. Please contact us if you have an idea about what we could create (or if you don’t, we’ll come up with something together).


Silvana Homes

Would you live in a Silvana house or apartment?

Soon you just might. We are currently developing a concept of living that withholds all our values. Our sites will be renovated to fit the present-day lifestyle, using sustainable quality materials, and with respect to the building’s architecture and history.

Good living belongs to everyone.


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