Our services

In the interior architecture field, we are one of the rare ones to focus on living and leisure concepts, setting sustainability in the spotlight. Years of experience working with both end-users and construction project stakeholders have accumulated our insight into the field. It gives us the capability to find a tailor-made approach for each partnership. Whether working on residential construction or refurbishment, we understand the business goals and the investors’ expectations. Setting shared goals is the vital first step for every collaboration.

Residential property development & design

Scalable concepts for people and the environment, bridge building between the stakeholders.

Hotel & Restaurant Design

Visual identities and unique brands carried on to the smallest detail.

Silvana Homes Design Studio

Dedicated interior architecture and holistic consulting for exceptional private residences.

Visual Identities and Marketing

Extensive expertise in concept design, identities and strategic marketing for residential and hotel branding, in collaboration with Kakadu.

Good living belongs to everyone. We want to be part of building a world where both people and the nature is feeling good.


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