Soulful home in an Art Nouveau house

Helsinki, 1902

One of the main ideas of the design was to highlight the best aspects of the original Art Nouveau design in the house. The arched window in the living room – a true eye-catcher – is now subtly framed, not covered by curtains and calm colors, letting natural light flow. Throughout the rooms, harmonious backgrounds and bold colors take turns to create a compelling rhythm to the interior. Original architectural details, such as dark wooden beams, inspired the work.  

Vivid colors play the rhythm

Focus on functionality  

At the same time, the new design enables modern life. The kitchen and three bathrooms were quite spacious but lacked functionality. We re-planned the layouts and found more practical ways to use the limited space, relocated fixed furniture and hand-picked surface materials that amplify the beauty of the rooms, such as plumbing fixtures in warm brushed bronze color. Delicate lighting now invites you to have a lingering spa moment in the middle of a busy day. 


Curated choices, fruitful conversations 

It all started as a bathroom renovation project but soon expanded to dialogue and collaboration on the apartment ensemble. The customers’ furniture and art finalized the work. Our role was to ensure harmony and continuity from room to room. If you seek the secret ingredients, look at the details such as uniform ceiling moldings. 

Photos by Nick Tulinen