Home above the rooftops

Töölö, Helsinki,

This family enjoys the urban city life they have learned to love since their children were little. Now that the kids have turned to high schoolers, a new kind of functionality was needed. The new home, originally consisting of two apartments, provides some private space through a separate entrance and a bathroom.

Beloved neighborhoods, a new phase in the family life

Complete renovation to bring in the cozy warmth

The apartment went through a complete remake, including the design and renovation of the surfaces, lighting, bathroom and utility room, storage furniture and kitchen. The initial decision to move from the old home was not an easy one, the family having lived so many dear memories there. However, thanks to the careful interior design spiced up with the cozy furniture of their own, they say it feels extremely good to be here.

It is all about the atmosphere

Strong elements such as pilasters in the living room, a large open fireplace and glass doors in the bedroom create a unique feeling. The views to the park and over the roofs add a sense of space. Every choice around these eye-catchers was made on reasonable arguments, in close cooperation with the customer, taking into account the budget and the atmosphere of the old house.

Photos by Nick Tulinen