60s elegance to the stairwells

Lauttasaari, Helsinki, 1969

Aesthetics that add value

The four-story building is located in a quiet area among other 60s apartment blocks, but one thing sets it apart from others: this housing company has systematically carried out a series of renovations to improve the quality of living and reduce the carbon footprint. Now it was time for a stairwell upgrade. Some partssuch as the worn-out, asbestos-glued floorwere replaced, but special attention was also paid to the whole ensemble. The visual appearance of these common areas plays a part in good everyday life.

Restauration on site 

We brought in a sharp 60s feel with materials and details. Black paint adds contrast to the railings and the original lamp holders. A new, wooden strip ceiling in the entrance lobbies is elegant but also improves acoustics. New signs were painted using the old stencil technique. Most importantly, the renovation was carried out sustainably, repairing the existing where possible: for example, the original wooden apartment doors were restored on site. 

Well-organized project management saves everyone’s time 

Not only did we deliver the interior architecture plans to the site, but our designer took care of the whole project management, including tendering contractors, meetings with the chairman of the housing association and the property manager, and site supervision visits. The service provided as a complete package made the project remarkably smoother for the client. 

Photos by Nick Tulinen