The 60s architecture captured in modern details

Espoo, 1967

Location: Espoo, Finland
Construction year: 1967

A modest yet solid appearance stands out

These rental apartments create a neutral framework for as many living styles as possible. However, the fixed furniture and surfaces reflect the characteristics of the building. Wooden pulls add warmth to the kitchen, and bathroom tiles were kept small-scale. Thoughtful details bring in the elegance of the 1960s. 

Each material must stand up to wear and tear. The materials were selected according to strict criteria: everything needed to resist hard use and aim for as long a lifecycle as possible – as is the case with the whole rental property. It meant thorough research when searching for the accurately styled vinyl floor, for instance, taking the perspectives of sustainable manufacturing processes and lower carbon emissions into account, too. 

Determined choices fitting the budget. Increasing the modern living quality doesn’t need to add pressure on the budget. The ambition to achieve the shared goals is what matters the most. An example: It was not easy to find the desired light source for the bathrooms – a minimalist mirror cabinet having just the right light temperature and an integrated socket – but acting as bridge builders, we found an industrial manufacturer wanting to take the product development steps with us.

Photos: Nick Tulinen & M2 media