Layers of time in unique rental apartments

Helsinki, 1913

Location: Töölö, Helsinki, Finland

A seamless story from the entrance on

If you choose to live in the heart of urban Helsinki, you will also value the charm of historical city blocks. The house welcomes its residents in the stair hall restored to its full bloom. Decorative moldings, ceiling rosettes, and hand-picked vintage furniture lead the way towards solid wood apartment doors. 

New interiors within the existing frames

To recreate the apartment layouts, we sought inspiration from the original floor plans from more than a hundred years ago, but under the terms of today’s aesthetics. The feel of open spaces guided the design, still allowing various placements for the tenant’s furniture. Some technical elements from the apartment hotel years were still in good condition. It was wise to extend their life cycle, even though it required creative thinking in kitchen and bathroom plans.

Close collaboration for the desired atmosphere

Brass handles, glazed tiles – functional spaces and durable materials set the basics, but when we want to bring rental housing above ordinary, magic is found in the small details. We shared this understanding with the customer and their contractors and visited the renovation site often if any opinions were needed. Due to this close partnership, the historical house now tells a new story of quality and harmony.

Photos by: Nick Tulinen